Printer Repair Service in San Francisco and Bay Area

We all know that moment: it’s the night before a big presentation, you’ve worked on it all week and now it’s finally ready. You hit print and… Printer Error 5200. What, you wonder, could Printer Error 5200 possibly be? Why did Printer Error 5200 wait specifically for this minute to pop-up? It’s a mystery and it’s maddening and at Advance Office Machines, we’re here to help.
We offer service all over the Bay Area — from the Oakland hipsters, to the San Jose techies, to everyone in-between — and we’ve worked on just about every printer you can imagine. That includes:
Color printer
Black and white printer
Laser jet or inkjet
Our printer repair technicians know exactly what Printer Error 5200 is, and they know how to fix it quickly — just in time for you to make your presentation. We offer unrivalled service across the Bay — and as a family-owned shop, we pride ourselves on personal, individualized service to all of our employees.
So, next time you get another maddening error from your printer, forget the waiting lines and incompetent workers of the big name corporations and give us a call!