Copiers Repair Service in San Francisco and Bay Area

The day your office copier stops working is almost apocalyptic. The office stops moving. The copier is broken? How could the copier be broken? Co-workers wander around, not sure what to do with themselves. How, they wonder, do we make copies? They wander around the office, lost and scared. How can life go on without a copier?

Simple: call us, at Advance Office Machines.

We have been fixing copiers for over 25 years (well, we’ve been fixing more than just copiers – but, have we seen a lot of copiers!) and we’d love to help fix yours. Our technicians are the copier-fixing super heroes that you need to get your office back on track faster than you can say, “What is Error 2600G and what does it want from me?”

Over the years, we’ve worked with every kind of copier you can imagine. Is it a fancy new copier? A 20 year old copier? A copier you found on the street and are hoping that maybe, just maybe, there’s life in it still? We can fix it quickly and efficiently.

Our service is second to none – which is why many of our clients have been with us for many years.

We’ve worked with every brand of copier you can imagine. In fact, because we believe in good customer support, we won’t even make you imagine – here’s a list:
Konica Minolta
So, get your office back on line and call us today to get your copier fixed! We’ll show up with smiles, jokes and copier technicians that’ll breathe new life into your machines!